The scourge of Covid-19 has done many negative things to us and has brought into sharp focus our need not only to maintain and support businesses on the high street but also to have the choice and ability to Start Work from Home.

We all want to get back to normal but things will never be quite the same again however, there is GOOD NEWS in the midst of this crisis.

This pandemic has changed the way we do business but YOU CAN CHOOSE to benefit from the change!

People are struggling desperately. Their jobs are gone and many are simply not coming back. Maybe you skipped one or more rent or mortgage payments and now it’s coming time to pay the piper? While the government giveaways have been nice, we all know they can’t last, so what can we do?

The answer is to consolidate your current business and secure an income online by using the power of the internet.

There has never been a better time to Start Work From Home and work for yourself. If you want to build a business of your own and Be Your Own Boss then this is for you. If you want to maintain and expand a current business, this is also for you.

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There is no obligation upon you by doing this … our hope and intention is to introduce you to a number of courses suitable to the needs and budget of everyone, both locally and online, which will empower you to be independent from the crushing affect of an economy under pressure.

There are a great many options to choose from, ranging from ways to start immediately using eBay or social media, to professional study courses for those who want to achieve an accredited qualification.

In the meantime please join us, browse through the courses we already offer in partnership with The Internet Business School and Start Work From Home.